Ways to keep your hair tangle-free

Tangled hair is annoying. It can be especially frustrating because it won’t let you style your hair the way you want it. It happens to everyone (Yes, it does!), BUT not on the same scale. If you feel like your hair ends up in a knot most of the times then it could be because of an underlying issue. Thankfully, if you play your cards right, you can minimize your hair tangling. Read on to see some of the ways that you can keep your hair tangle-free.

Hydrate your hair

Dry hair is a major cause of hair tangling. If your hair does not have enough moisture, it will get tangled and matted. You can either use a natural hydrating mask or oil to tackle this problem. You have to apply these masks either before or during the shower. This will instantly hydrate and rejuvenate your hair. Rinse it off and you will even feel that your hair is softer and detangled.

Braid before you sleep

Your hair is generally more vulnerable to tangling when you sleep. Worry not, we’ve got a tip for you – it’s simple yet effective. Before going to bed, braid your hair. That’s it! This will ensure that you wake up with manageable and tangle-free hair. Also, this will add a nice wavy texture to your hair. Additionally, you can avoid sleeping on cotton pillowcases and try silk pillowcases instead.

Perfect your cleansing routine

Invest enough time while washing your hair. Your conditioner will make this process easier by lubricating and softening your hair. You should use a wide-tooth comb to brush through your mane. However, remember to be gentle.

Do not use regular combs

If you have tangled hair, a wide-tooth comb will be your best friend. It will help with the process in the least painful way possible. If you use a regular tooth comb, it will cause breakage. Plus, it will hurt you a lot!

Hair detangling products

If your problem is a bit severe and stubborn, you can use hair detangling sprays or other products to help you in this process. If you plan on using a detangling spray, use it when your hair is damp and brush from your ends to your roots. Brushing from your ends to your roots helps to reduce breakage and damage to your hair. If you do it the opposite way, you will pull your hair too much and cause hair to fall. Gently brush from your ends to the roots.

Protein is your best bet

Dry hair is a sign of poor hair health. This in turn leads to tangling and damaged hair. If your hair is prone to split ends and breakage, it will cause more and more tangling. So you will have to make sure your hair is healthy. Your hair is made of protein, hence a good protein treatment (keratin treatment) will go a long way in maintaining tangle-free tresses. You should even try to include as much protein in your diet as possible.

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