Superfoods for shinier & healthy hair

Maintaining good hair is hard work. You need a good hair care routine, adequate sleep, sufficient intake of water, and a healthy diet. Your food choices have a great impact on the strength and health of your hair. It is the foundation for achieving lustrous, beautiful hair. You should not just focus on hair care routines and fancy products, you have to eat right. Your diet should be rich in nourishing foods. They will help you get one huge step closer to your perfect hair goals.

Consciously watching what you eat will benefit not just your hair but also your skin. Certain other factors such as genetics and age may not be in our control, but the food choices we make are. So, try to include the following foods in your food choices and enjoy the results.


Eggs are super rich in protein and biotin. It is the most commonly known superfood for our hair. Our hair follicles are made of keratin – a type of protein. This keratin is produced by a certain element called biotin. So naturally, if you increase your biotin intake, your body will produce more keratin for your hair. Biotin helps to break down proteins into amino acids. This process helps to rebuild and repair your hair. Eggs are also rich in zinc and vitamin A.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a brilliant source of beta-carotene. It is also rich in vitamin A, which helps to grow your hair. Vitamin A is also known to aid sebum production on your scalp. Sebum is essential to maintain a healthy scalp. Thus, sweet potatoes can help your hair grow faster and healthier.


Spinach is another superfood that is packed with vitamin A i.e it is responsible for the production of sebum and maintaining a healthy scalp. Inadequate sebum can cause dry scalp and it is not a suitable environment for your hair to grow effectively. That’s not all! Spinach is rich in iron (iron is important for the nutrition of your hair cells). Iron deficiency is known to cause hair loss, thus a diet rich in spinach will help to avoid hair loss. Increase your spinach consumption for a healthier scalp and hair follicles.


Zinc is a mineral that helps to grow your hair faster and maintains the strength of your hair shaft. And guess what food contains good amounts of zinc? That’s right! Oysters! Oysters will provide enough zinc to your body. Zinc, in some rare cases, can reverse the effects of hair loss. However, it is important to remember that too much zinc can aggravate your hair fall. So try not to overdo it


Replace your junk snacks with some portions of nuts as they are much healthier for your body and hair. Nuts are a prominent source of protein and zinc. As discussed before, these two nutrients are a major factor in determining your hair health. Some nuts(like walnut) are also rich in selenium. Selenium is important for a healthier scalp and can prevent hair loss.


Another food that is loaded with vitamin A. So it is natural that carrots will boost hair growth. Carrots are even known to enhance your blood circulation, it would ensure that your hair stays strong and shiny. You can include carrots in salads or as a juice to see some great results.

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