Saving your hair from hard water.

Hard water can be your hair’s biggest enemy. It can cause severe damage to your hair and hair loss. Many people have suffered hair fall on moving to a different place that has hard water. Hard water is rich in oxidizers and minerals. These elements may allow hair follicles to weaken, thus, causing hair fall. These elements also leave your hair dry and frizzy. Plus, hard water also contains potassium and copper which is not good for your hair. It is unfortunate but there are a few ways to deal with the problem. 

A few tips to save your hair from hard water:

1. Use olive oil

Olive oil has fatty acids and is known to have antioxidating properties. It is a great source of nutrition and proteins for your hair.

These properties make olive oil a good natural conditioner that can be immensely beneficial for your hair. Olive oil forms a protective layer on the hair strands. This can reduce the risk of hair fall. So it can be effective protection against hard water.

2. Try using alum

Alum is a chemical compound that has effective properties. These properties allow the minerals to settle down in the water. This can prevent oxidization, which will in turn prevent hair loss. Alum will make the water soft and reduce the minerals. Some people also add it to drinking water for the same reason.

3. Use a good clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoos contain a lot of cleansing ingredients. These powerful cleansers are an effective way to treat hair fall due to hard water. These cleansing shampoos also add volume and shine to your hair. Important tip: Be careful while selecting a shampoo as some can be too harsh on your hair. Try to choose one with safe ingredients.

4. Egg masks to the rescue

Egg contains a lot of vitamins, proteins, and potassium. These nutrients can prevent hair fall and promote healthy hair. Try this mask: Take one egg and add some lemon juice to it. Mix and apply on your hair. Leave for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water. This will also make your hair shiny and thick.

5. Try a lemon rinse

Lemons contain natural cleansing properties that can help to cleanse the scalp. Lemon breaks down the salts and minerals that may affect your hair. Another important property – lemon juice retains natural oil on your scalp. These properties combined make lemon an effective tool for your hair. It will not only reduce damage but also keep your hair healthy. Directions for use: Add one cup of lemon juice to the bathing water or add some lemon juice to your shampoo and wash hair with it. Thus, lemons will prevent hair loss problem.

6. Use a shower filter

A shower filter is another method to help soften your glorious locks. It is also one of the cheapest methods to soften your hair. You can attach a shower filter to the shower unit and use that water for bathing. Just make sure you invest in a good quality filter.

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