Fibrehold Spray


Fibrehold Spray

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Kerrato brings you an easy to use spray that improves the performance of your hair fibres by increasing their longevity. Our advanced Kerrato Hair Fibre Locking Spray comes loaded with the goodness of moringa, avocado, onion, and cucumber. With Kerrato’s beneficial formula, don’t just lock your hair fibres, provide your hair with nourishment and care too. Now, don’t worry about sweating it out with our innovative formulation that delivers a long-lasting hold making your hair fibres stay through the day

Ultimate Hold – Behold, as you get the ultimate hold for your fibres with our Kerrato Hair Fibre Locking Spray. Our spray helps your fibres stay intact with your hair through extreme sweat, wind, and any other vigorous factors.

Natural Extracts that Nourish – Our Kerrato Hair Fibres Locking Spray is packed with the nourishing goodness of moringa, avocado, onion, and cucumber extracts. Over the years, they have proven to aid hair growth and improve hair health.


Kerrato hair fibres adhere to your existing hair, which gives them a natural and fuller appearance instantly. Kerrato hair fibres are specifically designed to withstand harsh, subtropical conditions as well. They won't run down with sweat. So carry on your daily routine with confidence and a smile. They generally last till the next shampoo wash. Our proprietary mechanical technology ensures remarkable results. It's not just the results, the ingredients are remarkable too! (There are mainly two kinds of hair fibres- Cotton and Keratin. Cotton is much cheaper and can be easily detectable but even worse, it absorbs sweat and moisture and clumps!) Kerrato is made using 100% natural keratin, which is completely undetectable and moisture resistant. Thus, it gives you a long-lasting, natural look. And, we only add food-grade colours, so you have a safe experience. The ingredients are non-carcinogenic and curated to ensure safe results. Kerrato hair fibres are recommended by doctors and loved by our customers worldwide. Kerrato hair fibres are made in India in an ISO 9001:2015 and FDA approved unit, enabling us to supply a quality product at the right price. So when you invest in Kerrato, you get safety and quality at the right value.

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Dimensions 19 × 11 × 11 cm

Customer Reviews

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rajesh sanhotra

cheaper than other hair fibers and quality is not comprromised


satifying with resect to price

very nice product

very helpful after using hair fiber

very effective product

the product is easy to use and very effective i loved this product

Kumar Doshi
Best Fibre Hold Spray

This spray is genuinely good for someone who needs hair fibres to go undetected and look as natural as possible. I bought this for my dad who has been using hair fibres for around 3 months now. He was always insecure about the hair fibres being noticed by people. Kerrato's locking spray sets the fibres to give a natural look and doesn't irritate his scalp in any way. He gladly recommends it to anyone using hair fibres daily.

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