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  • INSTANTLY MAKES HAIR THICKER and adds volume. Kerrato hair thickening/ hair building fibres adhere to your existing hair strongly. They make your hair look thicker and denser.
  • COVERS THINNING SPOTS EASILY. Kerrato hair fibres(fibers) help to cover thinning & bald spots effortlessly. Kerrato is neutral & compatible with any anti-hair loss shampoo, oil or serum in the market.
  • 100% KERATIN. NO PRESERVATIVES. Kerrato hair fibres are made using 100% keratin and are suitable for people with thinning hair, alopecia, male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, hair loss.
  • EASY TO USE FORMULA. Kerrato hair fibres are easy to use & are applied in three very simple steps. Kerrato fibres look very natural & are available in black, dark brown, medium brown and light brown.
  • AMAZING RESULTS FOR MEN & WOMEN BOTH. Kerrato hair fibres are safe and work well for both men and women. Kerrato hair fibres can be used with hair fibre spray.

Kerrato hair fibres adhere to your existing hair, which gives them a natural and fuller appearance instantly. Kerrato hair fibres are specifically designed to withstand harsh, subtropical conditions as well. They won't run down with sweat. So carry on your daily routine with confidence and a smile. They generally last till the next shampoo wash. Our proprietary mechanical technology ensures remarkable results. It's not just the results, the ingredients are remarkable too! (There are mainly two kinds of hair fibres- Cotton and Keratin. Cotton is much cheaper and can be easily detectable but even worse, it absorbs sweat and moisture and clumps!) Kerrato is made using 100% natural keratin, which is completely undetectable and moisture resistant. Thus, it gives you a long-lasting, natural look. And, we only add food-grade colours, so you have a safe experience. The ingredients are non-carcinogenic and curated to ensure safe results. Kerrato hair fibres are recommended by doctors and loved by our customers worldwide. Kerrato hair fibres are made in India in an ISO 9001:2015 and FDA approved unit, enabling us to supply a quality product at the right price. So when you invest in Kerrato, you get safety and quality at the right value.

Weight 0.012 kg

Natural Black, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Jet Black

Customer Reviews

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Trust worthy product

Covers up bald patches easily & boosts up confidence

A bit expensive but quality is not compromised

Initially i was using rebuilds but it started forming clumps on my scalp after few hours and the look it gave me was very awful and the worst part is people can actually recognise that I have used something on my scalp.. after I did my research I got my hands onto Kerrato hair fibres which is made up of 100% keratin and till now I have used this 3-4 times and I haven’t come across the same problem like with rebuilds.. it gives a flawless look and performs very well throughout the day.. kerrato hair fibres is a bit expensive but it’s worth every penny and I like how it performs.. thank you kerrato

Very natural look and chemical free fibres

Because of hair loss I faced a lot of issues and I wasn’t able to step out of my house.. i was using thick fibres previously but that used to form clumps on my scalp after few hours and my scalp used to feel itchy… then I researched about other products and i came across kerrato… kerrato is made up of keratin and has no chemicals in it I have been using it since a long time now and you can see the difference yourself.. the fibres are of so good quality and the product is sweat proof too… it is also stain free… thank you kerrato for giving me that confidence… now I don’t have to worry about anything and I can go out without wearing a cap on my head.. love the product.. thank you so muchh for helping me..

Jai Soni
Super product

This is actually a life saviour. The quality is amazing and sits well when its put unlike others. Have bought it for the 2nd time. Though a bit high priced but then quality always comes for a price ;)

Sam Dsouza
Works Amazing

Best product one can get to get a fuller hair. No side effects. Repeating order

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