Post-workout haircare tips

It’s hard to keep yourself motivated to go to the gym every day. But once you get in the flow, there’s not much that will stop you from continuing. Except maybe your hair. After your workout, your hair will get sweaty. Nobody likes that. So your normal reaction would be to just wash it. But that shouldn’t be your move as that will not give you the perfect mane. Here’s what you should do:

Brush your hair

Brushing your hair is a great way to ensure that your hair strands stay hydrated. After working out, your natural oils will also ooze out with sweat, so it is best to spread those oils on your hair. Also, it can relieve congestion in the roots and distribute those natural oils evenly.

Don’t use shampoo

Instead of trying to wash away the sweat using shampoo, wash it off with just water. Shampoo can over-dry your hair and your sweaty hair will be more prone to damage. Stick to the natural route and wash it off with just water. And, if you can avoid rinsing altogether, do not wash your hair. Let it air dry and try a hair product so it doesn’t look messy.

Keep it loose

Some people might get a good post-gym look, and it is best to keep it that way. Or if you have to tie your hair, keep it as loose as possible. A loose top knot, or a bun, or a loose ponytail would work well. This will ensure that your sweat dries off quickly and that there isn’t too much friction.

Detangle using a hair product

This is a little bit of extra effort, but the results will be more than worth it. A hair detangling product is a must, especially if you want to wash your hair. It will remove the knots in your hair and make it softer and smoother. Dry your hair after the wash, apply the detangler and spread it evenly using a wide-tooth comb.

Avoid using elastics on your hair

You’re in a hurry after your workout so you quickly tie your hair up in a bun with a scrunchie or a band – but is it the best idea? These tight elastics can cause friction in your hair. Your hair is most vulnerable when it is wet so this is not the best idea. It will end up causing breakage or thinning. There is only so much tension your hair can bear. So be gentle on your hair and it will show the best results.

Use dry shampoo

If you are someone who gets very sweaty while working out, and your hair gets dripping wet, then you should try this method. Dry shampoo is a great way to soak up all the excess oil. But it is advisable to first use a towel to soak up the extra moisture and sweat.

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