More haircare mistakes you might be making

Everyone wants beautiful, shiny hair. It boosts confidence! But are you doing everything right? Haircare is…. tricky. Your haircare routine will determine the health and strength of your hair. Even though you think you’re doing everything right, there might be something stopping you from getting that picture-perfect hair. So are you making these mistakes, too?

Being rough with the towel

Drying your hair with a towel is probably the very first thing you learn about hair care. But how can you go wrong with towel-drying? By not being gentle with it. If you rub your hair too hard with the towel, it will cause breakage and frizzy hair. It’s wise to use a soft cotton towel or any other cloth to dry your hair and just gently soak the water in your hair.

No pre-wash brushing

As you’re aware by now, your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet. Also, your hair will tangle easily when it is wet. So it is wise to comb through your hair before washing it. This will cause less tangling and also make hair less prone to damage.


Daily hair washes are a BAD idea. They will cause more damage than good. Over-washing will make your hair dull and more prone to breakage. This will also suck out all the essential natural oils from your hair and can even affect the condition of your scalp. Instead, try washing it only twice a week.

Heat treatments on wet hair

Blow-drying your wet hair is a big NO! Curling irons, straighteners and hot blow-drying will burn and damage follicles and hair shafts. Ensure that your hair is completely dry before applying any kind of heat. If it can’t be avoided, use the cold setting of the blow dryer.

Saying no to heat protection

Heat is bad for your hair! But, we understand that for some styles you want, it may be essential. So if you do want to use heat on your hair, ALWAYS use a heat-protection serum. This will minimize damage to your beautiful mane and get you that beautiful style you always wanted.

Poor conditioning

The basic rule of conditioning: Do not condition the scalp! Generally, you should only condition your hair from the mid-length to the tips. However, if you have fine hair you can push it to the roots of your hair. But never the scalp! And after conditioning, rinse it off well enough to ensure no buildup or residue.

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