Lockdown haircare tips for some amazing results

The lockdown isn’t enjoyable. We get that. No one would prefer being locked away over being free. And definitely not for the second time.

But it is essential to ensure this problem goes away quickly. So you can look it at in two ways. You can either think of it as a punishment(and complain) or you can invest in self-improvement. The latter would be much better for your mental and physical health. Think of this as an opportunity to put in some extra effort to get the results you’ve always wanted. This will only be crucial in the long run and leave long-lasting results.

You can start by investing some time in exercise so you are physically fit, yoga and meditation so you are mentally fit, cooking so you stay creative and active. But we are here to talk about hair care! Utilise this precious time to invest in your hair, as it is the crown you never take off. 

Here are some tips you can follow in the lockdown:

Trim those split-ends yourself

Seeing your stylist in the current situation isn’t the best idea(it might not even be allowed in most places). While we understand that you miss your stylist and wouldn’t like anyone else touching your hair, at times it is important to take matters into your hands. You should consider trimming your split ends as they can only hamper your hair growth. Watch a few videos online and get it done. Or ask a family member to help you out. This will improve your hair growth rate.

Oil Your hair and leave it for a night

Oiling your hair is underrated. Many modern hair care routines or influencers completely overlook the importance of hair oil in hair care. It is a wonderful source of crucial vitamins, good fatty acids and minerals that will enhance your hair health and improve their strength. We understand that it needs time and can get messy, but now that you’re in a lockdown, might as well oil your hair and leave it overnight. It will stimulate your hair growth and help to tackle dandruff. It is recommended to use this method at least twice a week.

Do not comb wet hair!

Normally, you would comb your hair in a hurry after a hair wash. But in the lockdown, you have the luxury of letting your hair air dry before combing it. The major reason to avoid combing wet hair is that your hair is at its weakest and most vulnerable stage when wet. Thus, it is advisable not to run a comb through wet hair as it will cause breakage and hair fall. Wait until your hair is dry, and then comb or detangle it.

Deep conditioning does wonders!

Most people would think deep conditioning is not important if they condition their hair after every shampoo wash. And that it just takes too much time. Although deep conditioning is time-consuming, it is crucial to maintain a good mane. And you should do it at least once a week! The lockdown just made things easier for you since you have plenty of time- all you need is a good 45 minutes. Condition your hair for 5-10 minutes (from the roots to the tips) and leave it for about 45 mins. Then, rinse your hair with cold water and see those beautiful results.

Try hair masks as per your needs

You can either consider buying hair masks from the market, or you can make one yourself. This is another thing you only have to do once a week. Invest some time in finding the right hair mask for you as per your needs. You can make hair masks at home too. You can use such ingredients as tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, bananas, honey and eggs.

Wash Your Hair With Cold Water

The best way to avoid unnecessary hair damage is to wash your hair with cold water. Hot water tends to dry out and damage your hair. It will make your hair frizzy and prone to damage. So try cold rinsing your hair. You will get used to it in a couple of weeks.

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