Homemade hair masks that will give you brilliant results

Your hair goes through so much every day – exposure to sunlight, extreme UV rays, pollution, friction. These factors compromise our hair strength and health. So it is only fair that you pamper your mane, and one of the best ways to do it is with a hair mask. Even better, a homemade one! Homemade masks are great for repairing and soothing your damaged cuticles. Here are a few easy hair masks you can try:

Coconut oil mask:

If you have thick, dry hair, you should be using coconut hair oil. It might feel heavier than other oils but it gets easily absorbed into your hair and contains Vitamin E. You can either massage it and keep it on for an entire night, or you can use it 15 mins before your hair wash. It’s great to moisturize your hair and fight frizz. Just remember to warm the oil by rubbing it in your hands before applying. This will help with the distribution and absorption. This will also ensure that it reaches your scalp – its antimicrobial properties will help fight dandruff.

Yoghurt masks for dry hair:

Yoghurt (or curd) contains lactic acid, which is good for you. It hydrates your hair, thus preventing frizziness. You can mix it up with other ingredients too for your specific hair type(such as egg, honey, lime). Avocadoes and olive oil are also known to fight frizz effectively, so experiment with these ingredients and see which one works best for you.

Apple cider vinegar mask:

If you have an oily scalp, this hair mask is for you. It can also help to control frizz and reduce hair loss. You can try mixing it with some honey as it will retain the moisture in your scalp and hair. Leave it in for about 15 minutes and rinse it off.

Banana and olive oil mask:

Banana is full of vitamins and minerals so it is good for moisturizing dull and damaged hair. It is known for balancing the pH of your scalp and strengthen your hair. Combined with the healthy fats and nutrients from olive oil, it can be a great source of nourishment for your hair. Blend a banana and mix the puree with olive oil and mix some more. Like most masks on this list, keep it on for 10-15 minutes and rinse it off.

Lemon and egg mask:

If you use a lot of styling and other hair products, this mask is especially for you. A lemon and egg mask will help you cleanse your hair and scalp and remove the product buildup. Lemons are known to balance the pH of your scalp and reduce hair loss. And, egg whites are packed with proteins and vitamins. This combination of properties will prove beneficial for your hair. And the results will be phenomenal.

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