Here’s why you should be using argon oil for your hair!

Argon oil has been in use for centuries. Our ancestors figured out its importance long back. The reason it is so good for your skin and hair is that it is loaded with essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E. It is the oil that delivers! Some even call it ‘liquid gold’. You will see shinier, softer within just a few applications. It is known to be a brilliant conditioner for your hair. That’s not all, though. There are many more reasons for you to start using argon oil. They are:

Moisturizes the scalp

Your scalp needs to be happy for you to grow better hair. It is a crucial factor that decides your hair growth. Argon oil is good for your scalp as it is rich in fatty acids. These acids (specifically linoleic acid) moisturize your scalp and help to maintain good health. Argon oil enhances your scalp health and thus improves your hair health. It will also helo you prevent dry and flaky scalp.

It is a natural conditioner

There is hardly any other oil that conditions your oil better than argon oil does. It is nature’s conditioner for your hair. Argon oil smoothens your outer layer of the hair, and it hydrates and moisturizes the inner layers of your hair. How does it do this? The vitamin E present in argon oil is extremely beneficial for your hair and makes your hair easier to manage. You can even use it as a leave-in conditioner.

Fights frizz

Your hair tends to be frizzy when it is dry. It is vital to keep your hair hydrated. Because if it is dry, it will try to ‘suck in’ moisture from the atmosphere and become frizzy. Argon oil is a good tool to tackle this issue. It is packed with fatty acids so it helps to keep hair hydrated and prevents frizz.

Protection from heat

The sun can be harsh on your hair, especially if you live in a tropical country. The heat from the sun can cause damage to your hair. That’s not it, some people also use heat to style or manage their hair. This can further induce even more damage. But fret not! Argon Oil to the rescue- It is known to be a good protector from heat. Just spritz or massage a little on your hair before going out or before heat styling.

Deals with split ends

Split ends are irritating and stubborn. You can’t do much to reseal those ends. And they happen because of a lot of factors – the environment, styling, lack of care. So it’s a common problem. The only way to tackle split ends is to trim your hair. Argon oil is known to be somewhat effective. In the sense that it does not reseal hair but it smoothens hair to an extent that the split ends appear sealed. It is only a temporary relief, however.

Detangles hair

The good fatty acids in argon oil are essential to detangle your hair. It is especially true if you have thick and curly hair. Use some argon oil after a shower to detangle your mane. Take some on your fingertips and apply it to damp hair evenly

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