Haircare tips for straightened hair.

Many women get their hair straightened chemically(artificially). It feels like a fresh breeze to try something new with your hair. You will get silky, straight hair, and it will look beautiful! But, what many fail to overlook is that the procedure can also cause hair loss or damage.

So follow these tips to maintain that straightened mane.

1. Keep away from heat

If you have chemically straightened hair, avoid using heat treatments on your hair to limit the damage. Keep away from hot blow dryers, tongs, and perming tools. Heat dries your hair cuticles and causes damage. It can also lead to hair fall. If you use a blow dryer regularly, try using a diffuser and always set the dryer to cool air.

2. Listen to your stylist!

Your stylist is a trained expert in his field and if he recommends a particular shampoo or conditioner, stick to it! Even though it might go against what most people say or generally held beliefs, try to trust your stylist and you will see the best possible results. It will also save you from more trips to the salon and more touch-ups. So, follow your stylist’s advice and if you still don’t see the desired results, discuss it with him/her.

3. Good quality hair accessories

Uncomfortable hair accessories can cause breakage and even put pressure on your scalp, thus leading to a receding hairline. It can also aggravate hair fall or other issues. So make sure that you only use good quality accessories. And try to choose those that will be gentle on your hair.

4. Oils for the win!

A generally held belief is that straightened hair should not be oiled. This is half-knowledge and that can be dangerous. The truth is that you should avoid oil only for the first week after getting your hair straightened. After a week, you can (and should) go back to oiling your hair as it is the best natural moisturiser for your hair. Don’t shy away from an oil massage either.

5. Deep condition!

Chemically treated hair is relatively drier than normal hair. This can often cause hair loss and breakage. Deep conditioning your hair can help add moisture lost and maintain healthy hair volume. You can do it at home or try a professional stylist as well. Getting a professional deep condition once a while doesn’t seem like a bad idea either. Deep conditioning is especially necessary if you live in a cold or dry climate.

6. Say no to hair colour (for now)

It is recommended to avoid hair colour post straightening, but if you absolutely need to colour then go for it. But, you have to make sure that you opt for a brand that does not contain ammonia. However, if you simply wish to experiment with colours, it would be wise to delay it a little. As more chemicals will just cause more problems for your hair.

7. Try natural hair masks

When you straighten your hair, they absorb large amounts of chemicals. So, it is best to avoid more products with chemicals. 

Instead, try a natural hair mask, it will be immensely beneficial for your hair.

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