Haircare guide for thin/fine hair

Thin hair/fine hair is delicate. Although it is easily manageable for most, it can also be equally problematic. Fine hair is easier to style and feels silky and smooth if maintained well. However, the same fine hair will lose hold and fall flat if not tended to. Thin hair may take a shorter time to style and have a naturally silky texture, but it may lack volume. Thankfully, there are a few strategies you can opt for to ensure that your fine, silky mane stays healthy. Here they are:

Changes in your diet

Good hair starts with a good diet. You can’t control the texture or thickness of your hair, but you can control your diet – this will ensure you have great hair. A vitamin deficiency could be causing thinning hair. Try adding things rich in vitamin B and collagen. Vitamin B is known for improving your skin, nails and hair – so try to include foods like spinach, yoghurt, flaxseeds, etc. Also, thin hair is more prone to hair loss so adding collagen to your diet will work towards preventing that. Also, adding cinnamon to your diet will do wonders for your hair as it will improve circulation to your scalp and hair.

Reduce heat styling

Fine hair is more vulnerable to breakage (obviously!), which is why heat styling may not be a good idea for your hair. Avoid blowdryers, straighteners and other things that will make your delicate hair go through too much heat. If you still have to use heat, at least add a heat protecting serum or oil to minimize damage. And if you have to use a hairdryer, use it with its cool setting. Another point to remember is- keep the dryer at a minimum distance of 20 cms from your hair.

Invest in a good comb

A wide-tooth comb is generally your best bet, whatever your hair type. As thin hair is more easily damaged, use a comb that will be gentle on your hair and scalp. And never comb your fine hair when it’s wet, wait till it dries off naturally. When removing tangles, be sure to also start at the bottom of your hair. Comb in a downward motion to ease the knots out.

Say no to oil-based products

When you have delicate, thin hair, it is best to avoid oil-based styling products. They aren’t suitable for your hair type. Oil-based products are loved by everyone because they’re hydrating, but they tend to weigh down fine hair. This will make your hair look flat and greasy. So what products can you use? Choose those that offer some texture and hold to your hair. It can be a nice sea-salt spray, a dry shampoo or a styling mousse. These products will make your hair look thicker and fuller by coating them.

Minimize styling products.

It is easy to get carried away by trends and your favourite blogger’s recommendation. But, do not overindulge in styling products. Your hair is thin and fine, so the lesser amount of products you use, the better they’ll look and feel. You can always start with a pea-sized amount of any product and then decide if you need more. 

While we’re on the topic of styling products, let us also take this opportunity to remind you that when it comes to fine hair, less is more. No, seriously. Even the lightest weight texturizing mists, dry shampoos, and hairsprays can cause your hair to fall flat when overused. To avoid this, start by dispensing just a pea-sized amount of product into your palm first, before applying it to your hair. From there, you can gradually add in more product as needed until you achieve the desired results.

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