Haircare for curly hair.

Curly hair is unique. It bends and curves and coils. Because of all the twists and turns, it can be fragile and delicate. And because of its curvy nature, the natural oils produced by the scalp to soften and protect strands have a harder time traveling from top to bottom. It is also drier than other hair types. So good care is essential.

Avoid harsh shampoos: 

Shampooing is the first and most essential step in any hair care routine, irrespective of the type. It helps to remove excess oil, dead cells, and dirt. It cleans the scalp. A healthy scalp is the most important prerequisite for healthy hair. Curly hair tends to be drier than other types so it is wise to choose a mild shampoo. One that is free from harsh chemicals such as sulfate, paraben, alcohol. You can find plenty of shampoor meant for curly hair.

Shampoo less frequently: 

Curly hair = don’t shampoo everyday. Shampooing cleanses your scalp and hair. But, if done everyday, it sucks out the natural oil from your curls leaving them dry and lifeless. You will have to figure out what frequency works the best for you. Some might prefer twice a week, some might prefer to do it thrice. You can also try co-washing.  It means using the conditioner and then rinsing the hair, the moisture will be replenished and your hair will be less frizzy. But it is recommended to use only a quarter-sized drop of conditioner.

Do not detangle dry curls: 

Do not brush your hair every day, if it’s curly. Especially when your hair is dry. It’s advisable to detangle your hair in the shower when your hair is thoroughly wet, this avoids breakage and frizz. Detanlge your hair after shampooing when there is a generous amount of conditioner in your hair, which provides it a slip and the task gets easier. Also, use a wide-tooth brush and always start to detangle from the tips and then gradually move towards the roots.

Give curly hair creams a try: 

Curly hair creams are formulated specially for curly hair types.

It is important as they provide the extra moisture that your curly mane desperately needs. Use them just after you wash and condition your hair. Just be cairful while choosing your cream. Tip: Try to stick to light-weight creams and serums.

Deep conditioning for the win: 

When your hair feels dry or damaged deep conditioning. It will replenish the moisture in your hair and make them healthy and bouncy. To deep condition, apply conditioner to the lengths of your hair and put on a shower cap before you step into the shower. Shower with lukewarm water, so that the heat and steam from the shower will lock in all the moisture from the hair conditioner. After around 20 minutes rinse out the conditioner well. 

Regular trims help: 

Getting rid of the split ends and damaged tips will help your hair bounce back. Next time you go to a salon, ask the stylist to dry cut your hair. This is important because curly hair looks very different when they are straight. Split ends and damaged tips weigh your hair down, so trim them off.

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