Hair loss in young women

Female pattern baldness affects young women, just like male pattern baldness affects men. Although, it is less prevalent. This medical condition generally starts in the 20s – it starts at the front or top. It needs to be treated on time or it can aggravate. The issue is now affecting more and more young women due to changing lifestyles, increasing stress and more. There can be many reasons for hair loss in females in their 20s. Some of them are:

1. Hormonal changes

Hormones play a very important role in determining your hair’s strength and health. Not so surprisingly, some women are more sensitive to hormonal changes than others. You can even face this issue post pregnancy due to sudden hormonal changes. Menstruation, pregnancy and other hormonal changes can also activate scalp diseases like front baldness and alopecia.

2. Vitamin deficiency

 Vitamin D, E, K, B12 and C are the most nutritious vitamins for hair growth and strength. If your body is not getting the required levels of these nutrients, your hair will begin to fall. It is recommended to consume leafy vegetables, fish and meat. Doing this can automatically reduce the chances of hair fall and hair loss.

3. Extreme dieting

Although a good, balanced diet is important for good hair growth, trying new extremely different diets can cause problems. If your body doesn’t get nutrients from your diet, it will shift energy away from your hair and divert it to more essential organs and processes. 

Yes, yes, we all know the importance of eating a balanced diet, but you probably didn’t know that your diet can directly affect your hair growth. Hair growth is energy-consuming. So if you do not get enough fatty acids, iron, vitamins or proteins, you will see poor hair health and growth.

4. Genetics and medical conditions

Unfortunately, even if you do everything right, your medical conditions and genetics will be a major deciding factor. Many conditions can cause hair loss or trigger it. A doctor’s appointment would be your best bet. Plus, hair loss can be hereditary.

5. Stress 

Stress can be a trigger for hair loss. It is one of the most common yet overlooked reason for hair loss in young people. Women who suffer from stress or depression can face thinning even in their 20s.

To overcome hair loss due to alopecia in young adulthood, consult your doctor for therapies including counselling, ayurvedic massages, and stress medication.

So if you are suffering from hair loss, think about what recent, major event could have triggered it. If you have experienced a lot of stress or tried a new diet change or any other possible reason, maybe you should consider ways to tackle these issues and your hair can be healthy again. Diet and stress-related hair loss are both relatively easy to correct if you catch them early enough.

Usually, patients are prescribed topical solutions and medications (the most common being Rogaine), but they’re known to have side effects and should always be used under medical supervision.

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