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Yes, Kerrato is ideal for both men and women who are experiencing thinning, or balding hair.

Swimming will cause the fibers to come loose, just as showering/ heavy rains will. It is not recommended to swim with the product in your hair.

No, not unless they are forcefully dislodged. You will need shampoo to completely remove the fibers from your hair.

Kerrato uses static electricity to cling to your hair, and the heavy moisture on the hair will make the static charge ineffective. Hence, for the best outcome, kindly dry your hair and then apply Kerrato.

No, Kerrato does not regrow hair. It is designed to conceal balding and thinning areas and give you a thicker fuller head of hair.

Kerrato fibers may last approximately between 20 and 30 days for an 11.5 gms bottle and 45-50 days for the larger 25 gms bottle depending on usage.

Kerrato is specially designed to suit Indian hair color and type. The fibers match Indian hair type and color like no other brand. For example, the US or UK brands have black/ dark brown colored fibers that seldom suit the Indian black hair (you may see a tinge of a different color like violet/ blue in it). Kerrato on the other hand looks completely natural. In fact, we offer a 10-day money-back guarantee, if you’re not completely satisfied with the way that Kerrato looks.

Yes, you can easily mix colors for different combinations

Sure! Just mention the same in the notes section while placing an order.

Kerrato hair fibres do not cause hair loss.
Yes, you can. We only recommend that you wash the fibres out every day just to let your scalp breathe.

Yup 🙂 Kerrato keeps your hair looking beautiful between colors and adds thickness at the same time. It is an easy, effective way to cosmetically cover up both problems. Try it on Yourself!

Kerrato fibers are made up of 100% natural, organic keratin protein, the same biomolecule that your hair is constructed from.

Unless dislodged by a strong force, they will remain until the next shampoo wash.

Yes, but using a wide-toothed comb. Unlike fibers made from plant origin(cellulose), Kerrato fibers are coated with a special layer that prevents clumping of the fibers. For an ideal result, we recommend you use your fingers to put your hair in place with minimum disturbance to the fibers.

We understand that when you first order Kerrato, it may be difficult choosing a color that suits you. If this happens, kindly get in touch with our customer care over the phone/ drop an email at [email protected] and we will guide you on how you can exchange it for the color of your choice for no extra cost.

Yes. Kerrato is simply a cosmetic product and is completely non-toxic. Also, unlike other products, it is made from food-grade dyes and chemicals which makes it extremely safe for use. It doesn’t interfere with any other topical formulations that you may be applying to your scalp.

Sorry, no. We do not recommend Kerrato to those who are completely bald. Also, Kerrato may not work for people with advanced hair loss level/class – Norwood scale 7 or Ludwig scale Advanced (basically very bald). If you are not sure where you fall on the scale, get a free sample and test it.

Nope 🙂 The fibers are will remain on the scalp and will not run down along with sweat.

Hair fibres that are made with 100% keratin do not harm your scalp. Your hair is also made of keratin so hair fibres are safe to use. You can also test it out with a patch test on your arm.

You can use hair fibres if your hair is thin and exposes your scalp, you want to add more volume to your hair or you have mild to moderate hair loss.
Kerrato uses only USFDA approved dyes and keratin.
No, Kerrato hair fibres are not bad for your hair. They are made using keratin and food grade dyes so they are as safe as hair fibres get.

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