Easy tips to get thicker hair

Everyone wants thicker hair! It looks good and feels even better. However, not everyone is naturally blessed with a luscious mane. Even if you do have thicker hair, maintaining it is not an easy task. Thankfully, there are a few simple things you can try to get more luscious hair. Here they are:

Try Kerrato hair fibres

Kerrato hair fibres are perfect to hide your thinning hair spots. If your scalp is visible due to hair fall or thinning, sprinkling Kerrato hair fibres will instantly make your hair look thicker and add visible volume. Kerrato is made using 100% keratin – the same protein that’s in your hair. So you can get thicker hair safely and in the quickest way!

Get a trim

Your hair will tend to look thinner and finer when it is long. This is because your hair will be weighed down by the length. That would affect the texture and bounce of your hair. If you trim a few inches off your hair, it won’t be as weighed down as before. This would make your hair look thicker than before and add some bounce.

No matter how hard you try, long fine hair is often going to look stringy. The texture is just too weighed down by the length! Add some bounce back to your hair by cutting a few inches off of your strands. By shortening your hair, you’re taking away bulk without removing thickness, so the hair naturally looks fuller than before.

No more product buildup

If you have product buildup on your scalp, it will slow down your growth and make new hair thinner. Buildup happens when you use too many hair products and don’t wash them off properly. You can try to look for products that have salicylic acid as it helps to break down any chemical buildup. This will ensure better hair growth and thicker hair.

Play with highlights

Highlights add a certain textured and lively look to your hair. You can even use lowlights. If you get it done from a good stylist, and if you play your cards right, you will enjoy the results. The highlights will add a dimension and make it look like you have more hair.

Pick the right tools

You need to use the right tools and accessories to get fuller and thicker-looking hair. Different brushes and combs will help to achieve different looks and styles. And you have to know and understand your hair type and the tools that would suit it.

Flip your part

Your hair generally naturally parts on one side. So if you change the part to the other side, your hair will instantly look more voluminous and get a hold of its own. This might not last for too long though.

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