An enthusiastic indexer_body can either feature a keen accessor human body (§fourteen

An enthusiastic indexer_body can either feature a keen accessor human body (§fourteen

The type of an enthusiastic indexer and each of your brands referenced about certified_parameter_list can be at the least since obtainable since the indexer alone (§7.5.5).

seven.1) otherwise a term body (§14.six.1). seven.3) of one’s indexer. Brand new accessors establish this new executable comments with the training and you will creating indexer points.

An expression body consisting of ” => ” followed by an expression E and a semicolon is exactly equivalent to the block body < get>> , and can therefore only be used to specify getter-only indexers where the result of the getter is given by a single expression.

While the syntax to own opening an indexer ability is the identical to one to getting a wide range ability, an enthusiastic indexer ability isn’t classified since the an adjustable. Thus, this isn’t you can to successfully pass an enthusiastic indexer function since the an excellent ref or out dispute.

The authoritative_parameter_list of an enthusiastic indexer represent the brand new signature (§seven.6) of the indexer. Particularly, new trademark away from a keen indexer consists of the quantity and you will products of the formal variables. The latest ability particular and you will brands of your formal parameters aren’t element of an enthusiastic indexer’s signature.

  • A property try acknowledged by its term, while an indexer are recognized by the signature.
  • Property are utilized by way of a straightforward_title (§11.eight.4) otherwise a part_accessibility (§eleven.7.6), whereas a keen indexer function is utilized by way of an element_availability (§eleven.eight.10.3).
  • A house would be a static member, while a keen indexer is an instance affiliate.
  • A rating accessor out of property represents a strategy with no variables, whereas a get accessor out of a keen indexer corresponds to a strategy with the same official parameter checklist just like the indexer.
  • A flat accessor regarding a home corresponds to a technique that have an individual parameter called well worth, while an appartment accessor out of a keen indexer corresponds to a technique with the same authoritative factor list because the indexer, including an additional factor entitled well worth.
  • It’s a collect-time error getting an indexer accessor to age name as the an enthusiastic indexer factor.
  • From inside the an enthusiastic overriding property declaration, the inherited home is accessed utilising the sentence structure legs.P , where P ‘s the possessions label. In an overriding indexer declaration, the newest passed on indexer was accessed utilizing the sentence structure base[E] , where Age is a great comma-broke up list of words.
  • There’s no concept of an enthusiastic “immediately implemented indexer”. It is a blunder having a non-abstract, non-exterior indexer which have semicolon accessors.

When a keen indexer statement comes with a keen extern modifier, new indexer is considered is an external indexer

Except that this type of variations, all the laws and regulations outlined for the §fourteen.7.3 and §14.7.4 connect with indexer accessors and to property accessors.

Example: The newest analogy below declares an excellent BitArray class one implements a keen indexer to have accessing anyone parts regarding the section array.

An exemplory case of the latest BitArray classification takes substantially smaller recollections than just a corresponding bool[] (since for each and every property value the former uses up one bit rather of your own latter’s one to byte ), but it it permits an identical procedures since the a good bool[] .

Next CountPrimes category spends a BitArray and also the ancient “sieve” algorithm so you can calculate just how many primes anywhere between 2 and you may good considering maximum:

Remember that new syntax to have opening components of the brand new BitArray are the exact same as for a great bool[] . prevent example

In an accessor body, accessor_declarations, which shall be enclosed in ” < ">” tokens, declare the accessors (§14

Example: Another analogy reveals an excellent twenty-six?ten grid category that has an indexer with one or two details. The first factor is required to be a top- or lowercase page regarding variety An excellent–Z, while the next is required to be an integer throughout the variety 0–nine.

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