7 Foods you should avoid for better hair

The food choices you make have a huge impact on your hair’s health and strength. We’re aware of the negative effects that stress, pollution and certain illnesses or treatments have on our hair. But, we fail to consider that even certain foods can have a terrible impact on your hair. Everyone likes healthy, shiny hair, and some spend loads of money on products and processes to enhance their hair. However, if you do not consider limiting the intake of certain foods, these products will not show the best results. You need to be mindful of what you eat and how much you eat. Some foods can cause hair problems such as damage, hair fall, hair thinning etc.

People just fail to notice or consider them as they believe only genetics cause these problems. If you do have hair problems, certain foods can aggravate them or make them worse. So here are 7 Foods you should avoid for better hair

1. Sugar

Sugar is bad for your health – there have been enough studies that have proven that. The lesser you consume it, the better it is. But did you know? It is just bad for your hair too. Sugar leads to insulin resistance- the cause of diabetes and obesity. But, it also leads to hair fall and balding in men and women. So try to avoid overconsumption of sugar.

2. Alcohol

Hair is made of keratin – a protein. Keratin gives structure to your hair. Alcohol, on the other hand, hampers your protein synthesis i.e. your body will absorb less protein. This can lead to your hair getting weaker and losing its shine. Heavy consumption of alcohol can also lead to damage to your hair follicles.

3. Greasy foods

Greasy or oily foods clog your arteries after prolonged consumption. They can also make your scalp greasy. These things can end up damaging your hair follicles, restrict blood flow and clog your sweat pores. If your scalp pores get blocked, DHT or other harmful hormones will get trapped inside, triggering hair fall.

4. High-Glycemic Index foods

Foods that are high in glycemic index are the ones that cause a spike in your insulin. Examples of high GI foods are bread, sugar, flour etc. These foods are also known to create hormonal imbalances, aggravating hair loss or hampering growth.

5.Raw egg whites

“What?! Aren’t eggs are supposed to be a superfood for your hair”?Yes, they are. But when eaten raw, they can cause biotin deficiency. A lack of biotin=poor hair health. So at least boil those eggs before eating them and you have nothing to worry about.

6. Carbonated sodas/drinks

Carbonated drinks contain an artificial sweetener called aspartame. This particular sweetener is known to damage your hair follicles. So, if you feel you’re losing more hair these days, it is best to avoid these drinks altogether.

7. Junk food

Junk foods contain heaps of saturated and monounsaturated fats. They can make you obese, increase the risk of heart disease, AND make you lose your hair! A junk food diet can increase your testosterone level, thus increasing the DHT levels. An increased DHT means a higher risk of alopecia. It also contains processed sugar (read point 1). So it is best to limit your junk food intake.

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