3 homemade hair masks you can try for healthier hair

Hair masks are relatively new in the haircare circle. They are still not used by everyone – mainly because it takes time and effort, but they have proven to be magical for some. There are plenty of brands offering plenty of hair masks. But, why choose those when you can make one yourself? That’s right! You can easily make a hair mask for yourself at home. They’re easy to make and the results are incredible! Here are 3 very easy yet effective hair masks you can try to tackle different problems.

Ever heard of a cereal mask?!

Sounds disgusting? Well bear with us and you might just get an efficient fix for your dandruff and itchy scalp. Certain ingredients such as honey and oats work wonders on your hair. These are great for exfoliating your scalp. This exfoliation will help you fight itchy, flaky scalp and dandruff issues. That’s not all, oatmeal is also known to enhance your hair growth. For that benefit, you would have to add brown sugar to the mix. The honey will moisturize and hydrate your hair. And finally, it will give you some super shiny hair!

Ingredients for the mask:

-Half a cup of oats


-Half a cup of brown sugar


Add these ingredients to a bowl and mix till it the oatmeal is smooth. Shampoo your hair before applying and dry it out. Then, apply the mask and massage it onto your scalp for half a minute. Before rinsing with cold water, leave the mask in your hair for 45 minutes.

Coffee hair mask to energize your hair!

A strong cup of coffee every morning is enough to wake you up and get you ready for the day. But did you know? It is beneficial for your hair too. Here, it’s not actually the coffee but the coffee grounds that work wonders for your hair. It helps to stimulate your hair follicles, making your hair thicker and stronger. You can add a few other ingredients to this mask too such as yoghurt and coconut oil. The combined effect of these ingredients will do wonders for your hair.  

Ingredients for the mask:

-Fresh coffee grounds or coffee powder

-Coconut oil

Mix these ingredients in a bowl till the mixture is smooth. Apply to your roots first and then move towards the tips of your hair. Let this sit for a couple of hours (maximum) and wash it off.

Avocado+Olive oil mask for dry hair!

Dry hair is unpleasant and it hampers your confidence. It is a very common issue. There can be multiple reasons for dry hair, from the environment to your hair products. But, there is one simple fix. Avocado masks will prove extremely fruitful in tackling this issue. That is primarily because avocadoes are packed with good fatty acids, vitamins and iron. They are also known to improve hair growth. Olive oil has similar properties and can help to fight off dry, frizzy hair effectively. It can even be used as a leave-in conditioner. 

Ingredients for the mask:

-Olive oil


-Water (optional)

Mash the flesh of an avocado or blend it. The water will only help to smoothen the mixture, so it is optional. Then mix some olive oil with it. Massage this mixture onto your scalp, then to your hair. Leave it in your hair for 30 mins and rinse it off.

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